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About Explore Esbjerg

Explore Esbjerg is your new portal to guide you to all leisure experiences in the area.

Explore Esbjerg

On this website you will find spare time offers in Esbjerg Municipality. This includes events, experiences in nature, cultural activities and our many associations and clubs.

About us

We are from the communication department and Esbjerg Municipality. We will continue to add more recommended experiences at this website. Our aim is for you to discover relevant leisure offers.
You are welcome to contact us if you have any comments or wish for something else to be added to the website.
Our contact information is in the contact box.


The purpose of this website is to provide an overview of the many different leisure activities. The lists are not an exhaustive overview – it is merely some of our suggestions.
The communications department in Esbjerg Municipality is responsible for the maintenance of this website, and everyone is welcome to contact us with suggestions for additions or adjustments.

Add your event at KultuNaut

The event calendar is based on a database hosted by KultuNaut. If you organize events, you are welcome to add them to the database to have them included at Explore Esbjerg.