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Recommendations for excursions

Explore and find inspiration for your next excursion in Esbjerg Municipality.

Enjoy the free pleasures 

Each season has a charm of its own. Throughout the year you can enjoy the free pleasures of nature across Esbjerg Municipality. 

Here we will recommend a variety of great places to visit and provide useful hints on how to make your trip even better. 

Perhaps you already know some of the places, and perhaps you will take the opportunity to explore unknown places. Who knows, you might even discover your new favorite place. 

You are more than welcome to contact us, if you have a suggestion for a new recommendation. 

Picnic in the East Forrest - Østskoven

In Østskoven you will find a cottage with a bonfire as well as a barbecue area. The forrest is an excellent setting for a picnic all year round.

Check out the East Forrest

Go for a run or a walk around the Skating Lakes in Bramming

The path is perfect for walking or running, and you can easily bring a stroller or use a wheelchair. You can bring your lunch and use the picnic area where you will also find a lodge which you are welcome to use.

More abut the Skating Lakes


In Sønderris nær Esbjerg you can visit the organic farm Midtgård. They have different types of farm animals. Many children know the place from visits with their childcare or their school. You are welcome to bring your lunch and use the park benches.

Visit Midtgård