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The green heart of Esbjerg combines opportunities to get the pulse racing, as well as the chance to relax.

Vognsbøl park is Esbjerg’s largest urban park with activities for all ages. The park is also used for some of the city’s largest events

What you can experience

The park has many different entrances and many paths which are all inviting to wander through, walk briskly or run around. The park’s design makes it ideal for trips of varying length and the many activities make the park a favourite attraction all year round. 

In the centre of the park, you can find the playground, where the playground equipment is designed for both small and older children. There are also toilet facilities nearby. The park also has outdoor fitness training equipment and it is also possible to hire play equipment such as balls, bats and weights from Grejbasen. You can find the equipment store, Grejbasen, by the multi-use games pitches at the edge of Vognsbøl park, towards Gl. Vardevej.

Tips and tricks

Search for the many fine wooden sculptures on your way round the park. Can you find the old witch?

Many also enjoy watching the Sika deer with their characteristic calls, or the ducks and swans in the lakes.

Remember to go by the red and blue obelisk, created by Karl Åge Riget.

If the snow is laying fine and white, take your sled to the toboggan hill at Gryden for hours of fun.

In the vicintity

Get there

Address and transportation

Address: Gl. Vardevej.

Parking: Gl. Vardevej opposite Blue Water Arena.

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