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Mostly for children

There's always something to do, but sometimes you need to boost your imagination. We offer our suggestions for experiences for the youngest members of the family. 

What to do?

Maybe you want to go for a trip in the woods, playing on the beach or having fun in some of our playgrounds? If the weather calls for indoor activites, then there is plenty of fun experience, among others: museums and libraries.

Sommer Holiday Fun

For pupils in grade 1 to 10

Pretty much everything is free of charge

Sommer Holiday Fun is a fantastic tradition where the clubs and associations in Esbjerg Municipality invites children and young people to try out an event or an activity. 

You can for instance try out different types of sports and spare time activities. Perhaps you will event discover a new hobby or find a club to become a member of.

Esbjerg School of Culture

Sign up for an activity or visit a show

Ribe, Bramming and Esbjerg

The teachers from Esbjerg School of Culture teach for instance ballet, visual art, teatre and all kinds of music. 

Sign up early

Please note that many people sign their children up for classes early in advance, and the classes are often fully booked. Especially the ballet line, which is part of the Danish Royal Ballet, is very popular.

The school also offers special activities for babies as well as some courses for adults.

Museums for children in Esbjerg

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum At the Fisheries and Maritime Museum visitors can watch seals, a colourful variety of fish and a special Wadden Sea exhibition. The outdoor playground is also very popular.

Visit the museum

Esbjerg Art Museum

Many of the exhibitions at Esbjerg Art Museum are aimed at the younger audience with interactive activities for children. At times, workshops are offered for children. You will find Esbjerg Art Museum in Music Hall Esbjerg, Havnegade 20, 6700 Esbjerg.

Esbjerg Art Museum

Esbjerg Museum

Children younger than 18 years are offered free admission. Experience the exhibition OCCUPIED - Esbjerg 1943 to learn more about the everyday life in Esbjerg during the occupation. Also visit the exhibition about Esbjerg in the period around 1900-1950.

Visit Esbjerg Museum

Museums for children in Ribe

The Vikings of Ribe

Visitors to the museum “Ribes Vikinger” can experience the history of Ribe from the age of the Vikings through the Middle Ages until the year 1700. The museum offers reconstructed environments as well as special activities for the children.

Visit the museum The Vikings of Ribe

Ribe Art Museum

Ribe Art Museum encourages children to play at the museum. The basement is designed as a Golden Age room where children can play that they are part of an art piece. They can read in art books or draw their own picture.

Ribe Art Museum

Ribe Viking Center

Travel 1300 years back in time to when the Vikings ruled Ribe. At Ribe Viking Center, you can experience a reconstructed, living village showcasing how the Vikings lived and worked. Once a year the Viking Center hosts an International Viking Market.

Visit e Viking Center

Esbjerg Music Hall for children

Lots of exciting shows for kids

Next to Esbjerg Music Hall you can play at the playground to burn some energy before a performance. And inside the beautiful house designed by the Utzon architects, you will often be able to attend performances that are also interesting for the children. 

Children's theatre

Perform on stage or join the audience

Some children and young people enjoy performing, while others prefer to be entertained.

GAME Streetmekka in Esbjerg

Indoor and outdoor street sports

You can either become a member or pay for a single day. Try for example:

  • skate
  • street basket
  • parkour
  • hiphop
  • dj workshops
  • graffiti

The entire outdoor skate area is free of charge. The address is:
Nørrebrogade 1C, 6700 Esbjerg.

Vadehavscentret near Ribe

The Wadden Sea for children of all ages

The Gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage

At the Wadden Sea Centre you will find exhibitions about the nature and the culture of the Wadden Sea region. Children can explore the outdoor tidal pool and crabs. 

The nature guides from the Wadden Sea Centre offer all sorts of different trips out into nature, and many of them are also child - friendly.

Try for instance: 

  • Oyster Safari
  • Seal Safari
  • Starling Magic
  • Bird walks
  • Mandø

The address is: Okholmvej 5, 6760 Vester Vedsted, Ribe.