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You will find a multitude of playgrounds throughout Esbjerg Municipality. We have selected some of them here at Explore Esbjerg, but you can find many others once you start exploring. 

Playgrounds in Esbjerg

Playground in Byparken

You will find the playground in Byparken behind Esbjerg Music Hall at Havnegade 18, 6700 Esbjerg. The playground is fenced and is popular among families and childcare institutions.

H.C. Ørsted Playground

This small playground is located in the middle of H.C. Ørstedsgade.

Playground in Lergravsparken

The playground is located in the southwestern part of Lergravsparken, close to the intersection between Gammelby Ringvej and Grundvigs Allé.

Vognsbølparken Playground

The large playground is located in the northern part of the park Vognsbølparken near Gl. Vardevej. It is found across the street from Esbjergs local soccer arena Blue Water Arena. Many bring food for a nice picnic, and the children can for instance enjoy the cable car.

Playground in the park Strandbyparken

You will find the playground near the intersection between Spangsbjerggade and Nygårdsvej.

Spangsbjerg Playground

The playground is accessible from the streets Dalen or Bakkevej, and it is worth looking for. Especially the wooden houses and the cable car are popular activities.

The playground on Birkedals Allé

The small playground is located in the small and cozy park by Birkedals Allé.

Playground at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum's outdoor facilities include a playground with a maritime theme. Once the entrance to the museum has been paid, you can also use the outdoor facilities. Many people buy season tickets if they want to visit often.

Read more at fimus.dk

Playgrounds in Ribe

Playground at Kammerslusen 

There is a small playground with a trampoline near the lock. The area is also great for a walk along the dike called Kammerslusen. The address is Bjerrumvej 30, 6760 Ribe.

Mini Deer Garten at Ribelund

In the park you will find a playground, a picnic area and various child-friendly animals such as goats and kangaroos. You can enter the park through one of these entrances: Pile Allé 6, 6760 Ribe or Bøge Allé, 6760.

Playground in Klosterhaven

In the park Klosterhaven there is a playground where both children and adults can enjoy the view over the meadows.
The address is Brorsonsvej, 6760 Ribe.

Playground in Tange Forrest

In Tange Skov there is a nature-inspired wooden playground with a picnic and barbecue area. The address is Tangevej, 6760 Ribe.

Playground in Ribe VikingeCenter

At this playground the children can play in and around the small houses in Middle Earth. They can collect firewood, play the role of an ancient chef or make wooden nails. Once the entrance to Ribe Vikingcenter is paid, you also get access to the playground. Lustrupvej 4, Lustrupholm, 6760 Ribe.

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