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Cultural activities

At Explore Esbjerg we do not reveal it all. But we aim at guiding you to some of the wonderful places that are worth a visit in your spare time. Find our recommended museums, concert halls and much more. 

Visit the library

The library is so much more than books. Join their events or spend an afternoon at the library where you will often encounter exhibitions or activities for the children. Remeber your yellow medical insurance card for self-service.

Main Library in Esbjerg

Ribe - a charming old city

Sense the presence of history in the oldest of the Northern countries. Visit Ribe Cathedral, relax in the cosy area called Skibbroen or stroll through the the middle-age streets of Ribe.

Visit Ribe

Event calendar

Take a look at all the events planned in Esbjerg Municipality. Browse through concerts, newcomer events, sports tournaments and much more.

Browse the event calendar

The Wadden Sea Centre near Ribe

The Gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage

Where aesthetics and raw nature meet

The building itself is an experience, and in the beautiful surroundings you can experience exhibitions about the unique nature. Enjoy the exhibition Migratory Birds and learn about the unique nature in the Wadden Sea. Also try the guided excursions with the nature guides from the Wadden Sea Center:

  • Oyster Safari
  • Seal Safari
  • Starling Magic
  • Bird walks
  • Mandø

Explore Bramming

Lovely nature, lots of activities and great railway connections

Feel the city's history at Bramming Regional Museum or at Bramming Manor. Or step into the active culture house Kosmorama, which is located in one of Denmark's oldest cinemas. If you are into the outdoors, the Skating Lakes are worth a visit all year round.

Esbjerg School of Culture

Culture for everybody

Ribe, Bramming and Esbjerg

School of Culture is a very popular place for children to learn how to play music, dance ballet, perform at the theatre, write, paint, make sculptures or sing in a choir.

Esbjerg Music Hall - Musikhuset

Unique architecture and exciting performances

Visit the beautiful house designed by the Utzon architects. 

They offer a wide range of cultural events such as opera and operettas, stand-up comedy,
classical concerts and popular music. Danish as well as international artists can be found in the annual concert line up.

You can also experience performances by the national theatre, The New Opera/Den ny opera. 

The main building also houses Esbjerg Art Museum.

Esbjerg Children and Youth Theatre

On stage

Esbjerg Children and Youth Theatre typically perform two on-stage shows per year. Children can join the performances from around the age of 5.

You can see the performances at the theatre in Borgergade, at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, and in the summertime at the park called Nørreskoven.