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Visit Ribe

Experience the atmosphere of the charming medieval streets by strolling through the oldest town in the Nordic region.

What you can experience

The street network is largely unchanged since the Middle Ages, and a walk through the town will bring you past many historic sights and well-preserved houses. 

Go for a walk across Skibbroen, past the high-water mark, and on to the Ribe Castle bank. In the Middle Ages, there was a castle with towers and spires here, but the building was demolished in the late 17th century. You can see the preserved ruins, see the statue of Queen Dagmar, and go for a walk along the moat.

Turn in the direction of Ribe Cathedral to experience the medieval streets and Ribe’s impressive town centre surrounding Denmark’s oldest cathedral. From the Commoner’s tower (Borgertårnet) you can enjoy a great view over the whole town and surrounding marshland.

Tips and tricks

If you are in Ribe in the evening, then don’t miss the chance to see the Night Watchman on his rounds around the town.

During the summer months you can follow free of charge.

Information about the Night Watchman

In the vicinity

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Get there

Address: Skibbroen, 6760 Ribe
Parking: P-Nord, Saltgade, 6760 Ribe

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