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Eternity Trees

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation has marked very special trees that will stand forever in the Danish landscape. In Esbjerg Municipality you can experience several of these eternity trees.

What you can experience

Eternity trees are specially designated trees that have been marked and protected so that they can stand forever - even when they have gone out.

An eternity tree can be old or very large. Or it can also have a great biological value or have a very great historical, aesthetic or other social value.

East Forest (Østskoven)

The oak tree in the East Forest is from the period before the forest was planted. Although the tree is the oldest in the forest, it can grow even larger over the next 100 years.

Sanatorium Forest (Sanatorieskoven)

The eternity tree was planted at a time when the whole area was very poor in forests. The tree is from the first generation of trees that were planted.


The beech tree in Vognsbølparken was planted at a time when the town was a poor forest area and where the landscape was characterized by open plains.


The tree in Marbæk is from the earliest period in the history of the forest, which was characterized by planting with coniferous tree species.

Tips and tricks

On the Danish Society for Nature Conservation's website, you can get an overview of the exact locations of eternity trees in Esbjerg Municipality and in the rest of Denmark:

See a map showing all eternity trees in Denmark

Get there

Address and transportation

Oak tree in East Forest (Østskoven)

Use the entrance at Grønnegårdsvej 28a. Park in the parking lot by the info cabin and walk from there 300 meters to the south.

Fir tree in the Sanatorium Forest (Sanatorieskoven)

Located at the northern end of the Sanatorium Forest just one meter from the path. The easiest way to get to the tree is to park at the main entrance to The Deer Park (Dyrehaven) and then cross Gl. Vardevej to follow the path into the Sanatorium Forest.

Beech wood in Vognsbølparken

In Vognsbølparken the tree stands close to the path that runs into the park north of the allotment gardens.

Fir tree in Marbæk

The tree stands north of the intersection between Marbæk Tømmervej and Lodnevej and is the largest tree in the area.

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