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Sneum Digesø

Between the marshlands and The Wadden Sea is Sneum Digesø which is an important wetland offering many fine experiences with its unique scenery.

On the other side of Darum-Tjæreborg Diget lies Sneum Digesø created to be a bird-friendly lake, which has been fenced off to give the birds some peace and quiet.

At the same time, this is an outstanding recreational area.

What you can experience

Sneum Digesø is rich with bird life, and, all year round, many different bird species use the area to rest, eat, and breed. For instance, you may see a greylag, a tufted duck, a Eurasian oystercatcher, an avocet, a Shel duck, and a barnacle goose.

At the lake, rest areas have been furnished with tables, benches, information boards, binoculars, and a toilet, and, whether you walk, run, or bike on the road, the path or the seawall, you will leave with wonderful experiences from Sneum Digesø all year round.

Tips and tricks

It is easy to bring your bicycle to Sneum Digesø as there are good bicycling opportunities in all directions.

Sneum Digesø is situated by the outlet of Sneum Å where you can go fishing and sailing in a kayak, a canoe, or a rowboat.

In the vicinity

Go round by Darum – perhaps by bicycle – and go via Darum Kirkesti (Darum Church Path) through the village towards the seawall. You may also visit Vedels Anlæg in Ribe.

Get there

Address and transportation

Address: Sneum Slusevej, 6731 Tjæreborg.

Parking: Parking lot at the end of Sneum Slusevej.

Public transport: Citybus 8C stops in Allerup. From there its a 2,1 km walk to Sneum Sluse.