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Munkesø near Skallebæk

The history of Munkesø lake dates back to the 15th century, when the lake was a reservoir for the mill, which is today called Skallebæk Mølle. At that time the mill belonged to a nearby monastery which no longer exists.

What can you experience

Munkesøen (the Monk’s lake) was previously completely drained but in the 1930s, it was recreated and now the lake is protected.

The lake and its surroundings have a rich plant and bird life. The relatively shallow water of the lake, along with its immediate surroundings, create a true paradise for birds both in the breeding and migration seasons.

During the warm spring evenings nightingales, marsh warblers and grasshopper warblers can be heard in the thicket around the lake. And you can see mute swans, mallard ducks, herons and black-headed gulls. Around the lake you can find beautiful water plants such as Frog’s bit, pond-lilies and water-lilies.

Tips and tricks

When you leave the car park, there are two paths you can take on foot.

The yellow nature path of around 4.5 km which leads you along Nørbækken, a stream that runs through a small gully through an old oak coppice.

You may also be lucky enough to see a Red deer in the Nørbæk plantation. From the path, there is also a view over the heather dominated Varming Heath.

The heather plants flower in July, August and September.

Take the red path of around 3 km, and it will lead you along the upper part of Nørbæk and over Ribe Golf club’s areas.

At the path’s most northerly part there is a lovely view of the lake.

Get there

Address and transportation

Address and parking: Snepsgårdevej 20, 6760 Ribe.