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Meet each other

Esbjerg Municipality has established a partnership with the digital community called Boblberg. Here you can meet other people who share your interests. 

Meet each other at Boblberg

Almost 10.000 users already signed up at Boblberg. All members can browse existing posts or create their own to invite others into their bubble.

Perhaps you can find:

  • A person to go for a walk with
  • New members in your book club
  • A training partner
  • Someone to talk to when times are hard
  • Someone to join your food club

More about Boblberg

On the digital platform, all activity is run by the members of the community. Some people post bubbles to find people who share their interests. They can also inspire new experiences and social activities. Others share their thoughts on difficult topics such as loneliness and mental vulnerability. Some find friends for life.

Visit Boblberg

Other networks

Find both professional and social networks

You will find several different types of networks in Esbjerg Municipality.  social karakter.

Newcomer Service offers a comprehensive list of your options, which you are welcome to join. You can also ask them for advice if you need help choosing the right one.